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Serial interfaces have been used extensively for over 30 years. The RS standard is still very commonly used in numerous scientific devices, lab equipment, process monitoring controllers, and many other types of peripheral devices.

A challenge when using serial interfaces and devices is found when attempting to monitor serial port activity. There are several factors that need to be considered, such as the hardware and cabling, communication settings, and protocols. To successfully monitor COM port activity and the data that is transmitted to them, you need both a dependable serial port sniffer and an inclusive log of the serial activity.

This article is meant to inform you about the best RS protocol analyzer tools and describe their features as well as any issues with the application. We will also talk about some of the ways that developers can be helped by using an RS analyzer.

RS Monitor is a serial port monitor and analyzer developed by Eltima Software that runs on the Windows operating system. This tool makes it easy to monitor, analyze and log all serial port activity in your system. The engineers at Eltima developed this application to answer the question of how to monitor RS communication with a host of features that are essential for those developing or debugging serial applications or devices.

Some highlights are:. This professional-grade serial monitor will become an essential part of your toolbox when working with serial applications and devices. Free Serial Port Monitor is a RS protocol analyzer that provides you with a simple and effective way to sniff the incoming data from both virtual and real serial ports.

All the data captured by this RS interface software can be logged to a dedicated text file for further analysis.

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It can be run strictly as a software solution or used in conjunction with simple hardware cabling attached to the equipment you desire to monitor. It is a small software package that will not take up any significant resources on your computer.

Here is another free software tool that is designed to run on older versions of Windows and will allow you to display and analyze data exchanged between an application and a serial device.

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It was developed by professionals experienced in serial device architecture and can be a powerful tool for development, debugging, and optimizing serial applications. One drawback to this software package is that it does not support the newer versions of the Windows OS.

This makes the tool less useful than others that support Windows It is worth a look if you are using WindowsVista, or other older Windows versions.I needed a microcontroller-controlled RS serial mouse, and had an Arduino Mega laying around.

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rs232 sniffer

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rs232 sniffer

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Save preferences.Captured raw binary data of serial communication packets is decoded, parsed and then represented in easy-readable format, allowing you to perform effective forensic analysis of any data exchanged via RSRS or RS serial interfaces. This free serial protocol analyzer is a complete software serial port sniffing solution, therefore you don't need to worry about any additional hardware, null-modem cable, DB or DE-9 connectors and so on.

Using this software Serial Port logic analyzer you'll also be able to capture and monitor dataflow from any serial devices connected to the COM ports of the remote PC. Use this Serial Port Packet Sniffer for development, testing and debugging of your serial applications and devices. This Free rs data explorer and tracer is designed for effective capturing, parsing and decoding, monitoring and analyzing of communication traffic generated by serial devices connected to the local or remote PC.

Capturing, parsing and displaying of data transferred via Serial Port connections now made easy! Free Serial Port Analyzer is able to capture and decode monitored packets in real-time even under high traffic load. It is also extremely optimized and carefully tuned to support high transfer data rates and Non-standard bit rates without chance to slow down or stuck your computer or operating system like many others do.

It may capture serial port traffic which flows via named pipes created by our Free Virtual Serial Ports. It supports monitoring of exchanged serial data from external devices connected to the PC via USB to Serial converters. If you are looking for complete software solution to view serial port communication traffic and explore serial protocol packets data, Free Serial Analyzer is what you need. This serial port monitoring tool requires no additional hardware and allows you to debug protocol errors, view and test device failures.

Usage Scenarios. Free Serial Analyzer Features Free Serial Port Analyzer is able to capture and decode monitored packets in real-time even under high traffic load.

Learn Free Serial Analyzer features. Shared Serial Ports Get simultaneous access to serial device by multiple applications in different ways View Details Download.The software is designed to assist you in analyzing communications established between a computer and connected serial equipment.

It offers the full set of advanced port monitoring features, including a built-in terminal, unique data filtering options, convenient data viewing modes, session playback capability, and more.

Check out the main differences in feature packs of free open source and advanced versions. Serial Port Monitor is a feature-rich utility that lets you monitor and record any data going through serial ports of your computer. This dedicated solution will come in handy for development, testing and debugging of your COM-based programs and devices. With a free Serial Port Logger, you can easily read the incoming serial data from up to real and virtual RS ports and save it to a specified text file for later serial packet analysis.

Serial Port Monitor is a professional solution that makes it possible to sniff data transmitted in and out of a COM port you are testing. This powerful utility can connect to RS, RS and RS ports, even if they are already opened by some other apps, and capture data exchanged via these interfaces.

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rs232 sniffer

Download Advanced Serial Port Terminal for absolutely free This lightweight software application will help you send a wide variety of commands to serial ports, receive their responses and view this data in different formats.

Free Serial Port Monitor overview The software is designed to assist you in analyzing communications established between a computer and connected serial equipment. COM port data logging FREE Serial Port Monitor has a simple interface, so to begin serial logging, you just need to select a serial port, choose where to file serial communication data, define RS port's parameters and click "Start".

Such functionality can be successfully used for testing. Our serial port logger is great for learning purposes, too. Collecting serial data in real time When you attach COM-based devices, like scales, meters, barcode scanners, etc. Analyzing COM port data If a COM port you want to monitor is already opened by a third-party application, Serial Port Analyzer will still be able to connect to it and record its activity.

Serial Analyzer software will let you select whether to show serial data in the Table, Line, Dump or Terminal mode. Also, you can enable all available visualizers at a time. Data viewing modes With the Table view, you get the data in the form of a table consisting of the recorded IRPs.

When you select the Line view, you will see more details about each request passing in and out of a monitored COM port. The Dump view will display all incoming and outgoing data in hexadecimal and string formats as a data dump.

Also, you can save your monitoring session and load it next time you need it. All data will be recorded using the first-in, first-out method, which makes it more convenient for analysis.

Sending commands via a terminal With RS monitor software, you can not only log serial traffic but also emulate sending data to a particular serial port as though it were sent from the monitored app.

This enables you to easily check how a device connected to this port reacts to specific data. Feature list comparison Check out the main differences in feature packs of free open source and advanced versions. Show 6 more features. Frequently asked questions about Serial Port Monitor. How to monitor serial port traffic?

Serial Port Monitor displays, logs and analyzes serial communication. To start a serial monitoring session download and launch Serial Port Monitor. Is it possible to monitor multiple COM ports simultaneously? Yes, Serial Port Monitor lets you monitor an unlimited number of serial ports at a time.Serial Port Sniffer is a specialized system utility that captures serial data packets transferred by another program to a serial app or device over an RS interface.

With an efficient sniffer tool, you can monitor the activity of any COM port in your system. If the monitored program is created by you, your COM port sniffer can serve as an RS debugger allowing you to track down errors which may occur during serial data exchange.

Can you imagine an ideal Serial Port Sniffer software? Probably you would expect it to be a simple yet functional solution able to easily read, record and display data transmitted through any real or virtual serial port available in your Windows system.

Luckily, all these and many other advanced capabilities are offered by a dedicated Serial Port Sniffer utility developed by Eltima Software. It provides convenient filtering and search options, built-in terminal, and four different data visualizers which can display the captured serial data in different formats.

EZ-Tap™ Pro RS-232 Passive Tap Module – Bus Analyzer / Protocol Analyzer

You can select table, line, dump, or terminal mode or enable all of the views at a time. To achieve this, simply:. This handy solution will help you easily analyze serial port activity and detect any issues with serial data communications. Serial Port Monitor freeware gives you the way to sniff several COM ports simultaneously, so you can see how your apps interact with several serial devices within one session.

This app is especially useful for those who develop serial software, device drivers or serial hardware. It is a convenient tool for testing, debugging, and optimizing RS products. One of the key advantages of this solution is that you can use this software sniffer of RS ports for free, but with limitation.

Serial Monitor is a reliable solution which works with high data transfer rates and makes it possible to easily change the way the raw data is displayed. Even if the session is completed you can still save the monitored data for its further analysis. This serial port sniffer will also display the transferred data in any format hexadecimal, decimal, or any other. This way you can identify the repeated sequence of data blocks without closing the monitoring app.

Logging of serial port data is no longer a problem for those who use RS bidirectional data sniffing interface provided by Avisaro. The compact hardware unit is designed to record data communicated between two devices over the RS protocol. Together with the Avisaro Data Logger app, this sniffer box is used to capture data transmitted in both the Rx and Tx directions and store it in a table format.

That means you can use Excel or any text editor to read your serial data. RS "Sniffer" Interface is widely applied for RS communication debugging and re-engineering of data protocols. RS hardware sniffer produced by Stratus Engineering will help you resolve the latency and time-tagging issues commonly faced by users of traditional dual COM port sniffing tools.

Thanks to this, it can be inserted between two COM-based devices that need to be sniffed. This sniffer board is natively supported via the Serial Tap plugin. The second is used the most among all Modbus protocols. It has a user-friendly interface and displays data in different view modes. On top of that, this particular protocol analyzer provides an opportunity to filter collected data for more accurate analysis. In addition, pricing is usually a bit higher for a piece of hardware supplied with a controlling app, cables, and connectors than for a standalone sniffer program.

Toggle navigation. Products Help Articles Integration. Olga Weis Apr 8, Contents What is an RS sniffer?

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What is an RS sniffer? RS sniffer software.When working with systems and devices that use the RS communicationan RS Sniffer can be very useful. A serial port sniffer provides the ability to monitor full-duplex communication passively, meaning it does not impact system performance.

The information returned by a COM port sniffer can be used to diagnose and troubleshoot issues in serial communication and allow you to verify that your devices are capable of high-quality serial data transfer.

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You may have some questions regarding the use of a serial sniffer that need to be resolved before you implement the solution. Here is a brief overview of serial sniffing:. Make your selection of the visualizers that will be used to display data during the monitoring session. The choices are:. Serial Port Sniffer displays line levels graphically via colored circles. A green circle indicates a high line level with a red circle standing for a low level.

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An undetermined state is specified by a gray circle. Select a file name when prompted by the application. You can make use of this file to reload it for later analysis or to continue the monitoring session. As you can see, the COM Port Sniffer for Windows can be instrumental in solving serial communication problems in many different industries. The tool can save time and money for developers of serial applications and devices.

It can be challenging to implement an RS sniffer in the absence of a quality tool. Luckily, Eltima Software has you covered with a comprehensive and intuitive serial port sniffer tool that will effectively address your serial communication issues.

Toggle navigation Eltima Software. Features Pricing Articles Download Contacts. Olga Weis Dec 24, Try Serial Port Sniffer now. Here is a brief overview of serial sniffing: What are the benefits of an RS sniffer? How to sniff a serial port? What are the benefits of an RS sniffer? An RS sniffer furnishes a monitoring solution for serial port communications monitoring. One of its components is usually a serial protocol analyzer that performs monitoring to diagnose and resolve problems with COM ports.

Serial sniffer software is designed to enable users to display the flow of data transmission and save it to a file for later analysis. Our RS port sniffer can be used without the need of any programming skills.

Advanced Serial Protocol Analyzer

Users with general computing knowledge can easily access, monitor and analyze the serial communication between a COM port and any connected devices or applications. Serial Port Sniffer. Serial Port Sniffer is a professional software tool that lets you track communications of any serial program with a COM-enabled device in your system. Serial Port Monitor.Eltima Software. Serial Port Monitor. Overview Features Integration. Overview Features Integration Download. Learn more.

The program is a big help for those who develop and debug software and hardware solutions that use COM ports for serial data transfer. RS Port Monitor comes with a slew of powerful features, including advanced filtering and search options, built-in terminal, convenient data visualizers, the ability to record serial communication data to a file, and more. Purchase Now. It logs COM port data and saves it for later analysis Serial Port Monitor can sniff data transmitted over a serial port even when it is already used by another application.

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You can connect to any of the COM ports available in your system and capture its data in real time. This will help you identify problems that may appear during serial communication and prevent them.

The software allows you to sniff data from several COM interfaces within one session. The data will be recorded using the first-in, first-out method and shown as a single log. It offers five different data viewing modes Serial Port Monitor has five visualizers to display monitoring data. Those are table, line, dump, terminal, and Modbus views. You can use one at a time or all of them simultaneously. Also, you can apply IPR filters if you want to track down only communication events of a particular type.

It can emulate sending data to a selected serial port When using the software in terminal mode, you can emulate sending some special commands to the monitored port as though they were sent from a monitored application.

This way you get the ability to check the reaction of the COM port and device connected to it. The data you forward can be in a string, binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, or mixed format. It allows comparing monitoring sessions The software provides you with the great ability to compare your current monitoring session with the one you saved previously. The two sessions will be displayed in two adjustable windows so that you can easily see all the differences between them.

The IRPs in Table view now have the transcript hints from the Line view Filter data by ports The data that an application tried to write to port is displayed additionally to actually written data The automatic scroll for the Terminal view can be disabled Instead of overwriting the existing data in the file one can continue writing to it with the new command line option. Show 25 more options. Show 6 more options.

Free Serial Analyzer

What our software is capable of. Throughout its long history, our software has helped a lot of people to solve a variety of tasks and problems of absolutely different kinds. And here are some of them:.

Simple and reliable. I have tried a good number of serial sniffers, but most of them were stacked with the excessive features that only increased the cost of the tool, but did not directly influence its main purpose — conveniently collect serial data. After spending some time on research, I opted for Serial Port Monitor as the most optimal variant among other similar programs.

Powerful Combination. As I decided for myself, there is no need to spend money on 2 separate pieces of software, when Serial Port Monitor perfectly combines them: a serial sniffer and a terminal emulator.


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